Purposeful Play – Concrete, Stone & Wooden Vessels by Creative Ashira Israel

Although using a combination of materials can add complexity to an object, it can also give the piece a sense of authenticity and character that otherwise would be lacking. I was drawn to the work of Ashira Israel for exactly this reason, who is owner and lead architectural designer of IN.SEK in Brooklyn, New York.

IN.SEK is about discovering beauty in creative play. They use experimental casting techniques that produce a variety of results, leading to a countless number of unique combinations. Ashira has done exactly this in a special collection of boxes made from concrete, crushed stone, quarts, brass and wood, which is used for some of the lids that cover them.

This use of such a vast amount of material is not common in the design field, so it’s appealing to me that she is able to experiment with them and create functional objects by combining them. It’s almost as if they are mutating from functional objects in to pieces of art. I suppose, who is to say functional forms aren’t art? I certainly think they are. Anyway, I pulled across some of these works and I hope you like them. You can find this collection on Uprise Art at the moment, but the IN.SEK design portfolio showcases some of these methods used on more mainstream industrial objects. Enjoy.


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