Crafting a Quality Standard – Handcrafted Lighting by Allied Maker

I believe we undervalue the passion behind the companies who are integrating handicraft in to their overall concept. To create a series of consistent designs across a whole collection that link good design with craftsmanship, not just from a visual sense but also taking in to consideration the makers who are producing them, takes a lot of planning.

For this reason I wanted to highlight the fantastic work of Allied Makers, a New York based design and manufacturing studio who are producing this beautiful selection of lighting that’s simple in design but high quality in material and construction. Their obsession with using local makers to produce these, such as metalworkers, glassblowers and woodworkers also inspired me and made me think about all the human connections needed to craft such work.

Founded in 2012 as a garage woodworking studio, it’s amazing to see how far owners Lanette and Ryden Rizzo, who were originally neighbours at the time, have come and how they’ve now turned what was a dream in to a reality. Not only inspiring in terms of their progression but also their vision and application of craft mixed with modern design. We should support more projects like this.

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