Quirky Sapes – Wooden Objects and Boards by Designer Carolina Gomez


It’s great to be able to support and promote like-minded creatives. Today I’m highlighting the work of French designer Carolina Gomez who resides in Bordeaux, France. Her work is really quirky and she certainly has her own style, which was one of the elements that really inspired me from her portfolio. Her goal is to design objects that are natural, simplistic and have an element of craftsmanship about them.

Here I am showcasing a selection of wooden objects that she’s designed, but you can also see ceramics and other works in her portfolio linked below. Above is ‘Holder’, some cutting boards and trays crafted from oak and beech wood, and then I have also placed up the ‘ULO’ collection, which is a playful building game made from lots of different pieces of wood.

I like this idea of overcoming fashions and trends. Yes, they come and go and something might be popular temporarily, but for me personally it’s all about longevity and creating and supporting objects that can transcend time. Caroline Gomez is certainly achieving it with her own work and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store in the future. Enjoy.

carolinegomez.com everydayessentials.fr