Recycled Furniture by Patrick and Regitze Kerti

We’ve consciously tried to take a step back from the platform over the past few days and have really wanted to staple down the direction that we want to take in order to reach our end goal. Putting together the blog and shop has been an incredible journey for both of us creatively and the difficulty we’re sometimes faced with is keeping the fluidity of our message between the two entities. It’s just a case of reaffirming what we have in our heads so it makes more sense in yours, hopefully you like what you see in the coming months as we tweak the platform here and there.

Since we’ve always used this space as quite an instinctive, raw vessel to share our passion and ideas with you all, we don’t like to restrict ourselves to one area that we appreciate – take the mid-century modern era as a prime example. We also get blown away by the work of craftsmen and women perfecting pottery, glassware and items like we have here in this post which has all been created out of repurposed materials by German design duo Patrick and Regitze Kerti.

The question we’re constantly faced with is do these two ideas go together, which is a quiz I’m sure this pair are also presented with on a daily basis. For those of you that haven’t come across the Kerti’s before they pride themselves on finding character in the materials discarded by others, giving these life in a fresh form through their experimental craft. I love super creative folks likes these as just like the objects they make they’re individual down to the core, and I’ve always taken pride in sharing the stories of people who have the heart to think outside the box. The funny thing about this creative burst of expression that these items stand for reminds me exactly of the work of the Eames duo, who by all accounts worked in the field of mass production which could be considered miles apart.

Is it mere irony that link Dietar Rams and Barbara Hepworth together or can the clean and modern complement the crafted imperfections found in one of a kind objects, I certainly hope so. Whilst we discuss this between ourselves why not ask yourself the same question, do you restrict yourself to one way of working and how can you incorporate new ideas into the birth of something truly original and individual of your own.

As always your support is a blessing, so why not give the Kerti’s a little well deserved praise via their website linked below.