Reinterpreting the Art of Quilting – Contemporary Quilts by Louise Gray


There’s been an interesting influx of subject orientated objects, what I mean by that is work inspired by the Bauhaus or some other art movement. Take for example Matthias Kaiser’s Bauhaus teapot, which looks at modular elements built one another, or these Plexi Glass Lamps by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt that experiment with the idea of colour and play in geometric shapes. I like the fact that their taking this inspiration and trying to move forward with it, especially when it involves certain design principles that could make something more pleasing to revolve around or functional.

These handcrafted quilts by Louise Gray are in a new category for us as it’s rare that we showcase anything textile related, but she has reinterpreted the art of quilting using contemporary design as a means to keep the craft alive. It’s obvious that her inspiration derives from abstract art, with the sections portioned off in bold colour combinations, but she’s done it in a way that’s relevant for our time and has added a contemporary twist to this traditional pastime.

So not only are these functional they’re also very pleasing on the eye, I’m sure if you placed these on a wall they would look very fitting in any art gallery. This really says something about the craftsmanship and design at hand. Anyway, to see more quilts from Louise’s collection I recommend popping on over to her website where she has them available for purchase.











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