Sourcing Light & Movement – Water Mirror Series by Designer Grethe Sorensen

Depending what kind of creative you are I think it affects the way you look at things in everyday life. Obviously architects are looking at structures and shapes in unique ways, as well as searching for new materials that they might be able to experiment with. Then you have textile designers, such as Grethe Sorensen here, who are looking at texture and colour to get inspiration for the patterns to use in their designs.

This series that I picked out by the Danish designer is titled Water Mirror and is a selection of light reflected by water surfaces and then transferred on to textiles. I was especially interested in some of the works titled ‘Tokyo Bay’ as the actual works remind me of when I was in Japan and my interest in capturing abstraction and motion. These all combine both of those elements.

Here is just one of the series, others follow a similar theme of sourcing inspiration from natural surroundings and trying to abstract light, colour, and movement. A camera is a great way to get this inspiration, slowing the shutter speed and trying to capture light and motion, which can then be turned in to something with a repetitive pattern. There’s many interesting images on her website, I recommend having a browse on the link below. Enjoy.


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