Stopping the Flow of Time – Airvase Artist Series by TORAFU Architects

It’s easy to look at a three-dimensional object and consider them from an aesthetic sense, disregarding the psychological and thought provoking ideas hidden behind. This emotional dream we call life is the space we are embedded in, with creatives as the mediators between the unknown and the things we know for sure. What we know is established on a form of knowledge that we don’t really understand, so challenging these ideals, especially function and what the properties of these forms mean to us, is powerful as we can bring light to this non-physical entity.

TORAFU Architects have been bringing the unknown to fruition through their architecture since 2004 and it’s been quite magical to see their progression. Working closely with artists has been one of their main aims, and this has come to fruition through these unusual paper vessels titled ‘Air Vessels’ in collaboration with 10 Japanese artists.

Featuring the likes of designer Minä Perhpnen, photographer Mikiya Takimoto, and various other creatives who were able to put forward their own ideas on what these vessels should be. In terms of perception there’s no better series than the Interwoven and 5050 Dots series. They elevate your senses and completely distort the shape of these stunning vessels. A real trick on the eye!

I hope we get more series like this that capture that small sense of joy in everyday objects and make us consider all the possibilities that can be achieved by letting creativity flow and pursuing great ideas. Let’s face it. Everything great in this world has been fueled by them.