The Six Japanese Craft Artisans – Tatazumai Exhibition & Showcase by Muji

Ryuji Mitani – Wood Designer

Everything I write here is purely opinion based, and this blog doesn’t run as a typical PR outlet for bigger companies. I find what I like and post it up here hoping it will inspire others. So with this in mind I tend to shy away from the usual content that news outlets throw at you, what’s the point in showing you exactly the same content again and again? Saying that, there’s some things I have to show my support, and this is one of those rare occasions.

MUJI recently hosted an exhibition at the Fifth Avenue Flagship Store named “Tatazumai”, which can be translated as “shape”, “atmosphere” or “appearance” in Japanese. This exhibit showcased the work of six Japanese craftsmen, wood designer Mitani Ryuji, ceramic artists Ando Masanobu and Iwata Keisuke, as well as glass artist Tsuji Kazumi, clothing artist Ando Akiko, and all around creative Iwata Michiko. As the exhibition has now passed, I wanted to highlight some imagery of the makers at work and a few of the objects that featured in this special event.

With Muji’s own words, “the Tatazumai of the objects created by these artisans, who put their heart and soul into life, living with care and with an appreciation of time, is brimming with the strength and serenity that dwells in daily life.” I feel this sums up a lot of my own philosophies regarding our shop, and our concept of supporting the craftsmen and highlighting their work. It’s great to see a big company like this really showcase the talent of these artisans, and bring an appreciation of their work to a wider audience. It’s just a shame it didn’t last longer, or become something more permanent. But hopefully it can inspire those who didn’t get to see it to get out there and create yourselves. Enjoy.

Keisuke Iwata – Ceramic Artist

Michiko Iwata – Artist

Kazumi Tsuji – Glass Artist

Handcrafted Boxes by artist Iwata Michiko

Porcelain Bowl by Ando Masanobu

Masanobu Ando – Ceramic Artist

Akiko Ando – Clothing Artist

Woodwork by Mitani Ryuji

Glasswork by Kazumi Tsuji


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