The Texture of Paper – Paper Pulp Vessels by Debbie Wijskamp

With an increase in sustainability, we are seeing more and more designers considering upcycling in their design process. However, Debbie Wijskamp was ahead of the curve in many ways, exploring this idea for more than 10 years with her own hand building technique constructed from recycled paper. She used this paper to create a collection of beautiful, functional items such as vases, cupboards and other objects for the home. Today, she specialises in the design and production of handmade products for interior spaces.

Wijskamp is inspired by everyday objects and materials. She uses this inspiration to push the boundaries of the materials at hand, to see what they can do and follow a completely sustainable process through upcycling. She often sees new possibilities for functional objects like furniture and interior products from everyday materials. With the PaperPulp collection she used mostly neutral colours to show off the material. The final objects look raw and organic, bringing a very natural feel to any space, something that’s often lacking in our everyday environment.

Wijskamp was approached by Serax to design a collection of objects and she used this opportunity to design a special PaperPulp collection that could be made on a much larger scale. The vases are strong and completely waterproof, making them ideal for flowers and plants. Through this collection, Wijskamp gave paper a new purpose and in my opinion, she succeeded remarkably. Several editions of the collection have been created since the first design and they still look contemporary today.

Wijskamp graduated in 2009 with a degree in Product Design at the University of the Arts in Arnhem. Shortly after, she opened her own design practice. Four years ago, she also opened a new atelier space and shop in Het Modekwartier in Arnhem. She often collaborates with other businesses and brands, and also offers workshops and presents guest lectures at universities. See more from Debbie Wijskamp via her website linked below.