The Tropism Well by Poietic Studio

London design studio Poietic, started by Richard Harvey and Keivor Stainer, bring us this latest project that they’ve been working on titled the “The Tropism Well”. Using the natural laws of physics to function, this interesting contraption delivers water to each user via a slow bow.

I always find it fascinating the impact an object can have once it’s humanized and given a bit of personality, this video certainly proves we are an inquisitive species. For me personally I think this could have been filmed a little better as it’s a tiny bit over exposed, however I’ve brought it across nevertheless because I think Richard and Keivor’s team have come up with a really original concept which would certainly add something to one of London’s larger parks.

Currently there isn’t any concrete plans to have these installed as a permanent fixture, but hopefully the powers that be will see the need and implement some Tropism Well’s in time for next summer. A really creative idea that hopefully we can get to see implemented in the near future, watch on below and head on through to the Poietic page if you wish to read a little more.