Through Landscape by Young-Mi Kim


I’ve spent most of my time at the pottery studio lately experimenting with a mixture of glazes, also testing a variety of application methods to see what effect they have on the finished pot. This includes sponges, brushes, also just standard dipping. The problem I seem to be having is that I’m a stickler for functionality, so instantly the form has to be both easy on the eye and, more importantly, nice to hold in the hand. But what I’m coming to realise is that I need to be a little less precious with what I’m making, to let things fall naturally in to place rather than pushing the issue. I’ve come across this in other facets of design as well, projects don’t tend to work as intended unless they’ve gone through a long process of perfecting and adjusting, only then do you make work that can stand the test of time.

So with my new mentality, also my interesting affair with colour, I picked out the ceramic works of Young-Mi Kim as inspiration. I preferably like solid colours, or just the texture of the clay showing through, but Young-Mi has showed that you can use a selection of colours and textures in different ways and still have a pot that’s functional and eye-catching at the same time. This specific series by Korean ceramist Young-Mi is titled ‘Through Landscape’ and was inspired by living in Sweden, white nights, long and dark winters. Her idea was to use porcelain to convey the feelings she had when moving from one culture to another, you get this interesting combination of oriental with a Scandinavian palette, which are two styles that are very distinct but actually quite close in aesthetic. I personally think she’s done an amazing job.

As any good creative would I’ll be taking a few tips from Kim and maybe I’ll implement some of these ideas in to my own works, just to test what looks good together and what doesn’t. Hopefully you’ll also do the same, that’s the intention of this post anyway. I think it’s also important to note that we should be supporting young makers and designers, Young-Mi Kim is another one who’s really breaking through with her ceramics and should surely be awarded some attention. I’ll trust you’ll check out her website now and share her fantastic collection.