Where Design Meets Technology – Industrial Design by SFSO

Technology has helped us progress in so many ways. It has cut down on the need to commute and it offers us entertainment and informational resources at just the touch of a button. As a result, many of our homes are filled with devices that are convenient but may not be that aesthetically pleasing. SFSO is trying to put a change to that!

SFSO consists of industrial design duo Jaehoon Jung and Hoyoung Joo based in San Francisco and Seoul. Both have experience in product design with the goal of solving problems for today’s busy world.

The products Jung and Joo design are as useful as they are attractive. Their Tamed Digital Devices include a Cone Bluetooth Speaker that uses a gravity sensor that can be powered on and off by simply flipping the speaker.

The team’s Foldy Tray Series below includes a Foldy Paper tray. This device is ideal for organising files and documents on the desktop. It can also hold pencils, pens and other small objects for the office and features a sleek design with a matte silver top complemented by a bright orange base.

SFSO also designed a series of Hi Beam lamps. Their H2 Table Lamp has an innovative design. The light emanates from a ring-shaped silver base which is topped by a circular orange lampshade that can be adjusted to provide a different atmosphere.

The cohesive quality of their work, as well as the examples of innovation that they have brought through to these everyday objects shows that when design does meet technology it paves the way for a more attractive and convenient future.