Wooden Laptop Case by Rainer Spehl

Berlin based furniture and interior designer Rainer Spehl has turned his talents to creating some wonderful wooden laptop cases, so it’s great to get the opportunity to see these being constructed in this short film I’ve brought across today. Also based in Berlin is fashion brand Ucon who have teamed up with Rainer on this project, producing a black alternative to Rainer’s design which can be seen above.

I think what’s most intriguing about this short is the fact that Rainer explains the situation he found himself in which lead him into designing something practical to carry his technology around. Later on in the piece he goes on to explain a little of the development process which is quite rare to hear of, so this piece works both on an education level as well as an entertaining one.

Within the romance of seeing something being made I think filmmakers sometimes forget to document the everyday issues which designers have to overcome in order to get the finished article. Rainer for example constructed his product only to learn Apple had changed their laptop sizing, which obviously was something which impacted his design.

Kudos to Ucon who put this film together as they’ve consciously gone with a longer running time which has allowed a little more substance to surface. Although we’re not too familiar with this company it’s great to see them supporting Rainer in this way, helping to push these wonderful cases out into the marketplace.