Work That Has Life – Metal & Concrete Objects by Kenny Yong Soo Son


With our shops metal work section slowly progressing and evolving I’m always on the lookout for others on a similar wavelength. Selling mainly practical goods, I’m particularly interested in presenting a mixture of work on the blog, especially those that are conceptual or toe the line between decorative and functional. One maker who I think walks this line pretty well is South Korean creative Kenny Yong Soo Son.

Based in Sydney, Kenny is a very talented maker that crafts exquisite objects from metal. One thing I was particularly enamoured by was the refined nature of his work and his ability to transcend both craft and design mediums. This simplicity comes from his goal of creating work that has ‘life’, objects that add significance and value to everyday environments. Although his specialist material is metal, I’ve also selected some of his concrete work that I thought stood out, including trays, containers and paperweights.

I often think the younger generation gets slack for not respecting craftsmanship, but as a young creative Yong Soo Son has been able to produce both useful and beautiful objects that will stand the test of time. Hopefully he will inspire others to follow a similar path and get designers to be more hands on with their projects. Overall I can’t wait to see Kenny’s progression and recommend you bookmark his portfolio for future purposes. You can see a selection of his work above and below.