A View Of Brighton Slackline Club

If you listen to the worlds media of today young people are under educated, overweight and uninspired, this short film showcasing the activities of Brighton Slackline Club proves otherwise. Slacklining came about when groups of Skateboarders and Surfers were searching for new and practical ways of improving their balance, for many it has became so much more and is now firmly ingrained in their culture and lifestyle.

Setting up along the shorelines of Brighton these young somethings home in on their skills testing their balance to the max and even add in the odd trick or too, showing a new found perfection of their innovating activities. Although I can’t see myself working this into my daily routine, it looks great fun and I love the idea of being able to setup somewhere quiet and being able to test yourself on these makeshift highropes.

So forget what you’ve heard, seen, and read about young people of today, because they are motivated, creative and hardworking. Far too often I think it’s the minority are being reported as the majority, and it’s a great shame to tar a whole generation with one brush. If you want to learn more about slacklining and maybe even get involved head over to the link below for more.


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