Baking Dutch Oven Bread with Tiger in a Jar

Kinfolk continue their support of the independent creative scene by collaborating with the Tiger in a Jar collective to create a charming short film which highlights the beauty of baking Dutch oven bread. The guilty conscience in me has to admit that I don’t actually bake as much fresh bread as I should, I’m addicted to the smell of it though so this project is a welcome reminder to get into the kitchen and make some of my own.

I just love the muted tones and laid back mood that the folks involved in this short have opted for, it really does have the feel of a early sunday morning before the sun has fully risen, which makes it so easy to get lost in the process of baking. The idea behind Dutch oven bread baking is to replicate the same heat retention as a commercial bread oven because our domestic ones don’t retain heat to a high enough level to create wonderful crackling crusts.

So the artisan bread bakers of the world decided that the best alternative was to cover either a metal or ceramic pot which would regulate the heat a little better and therefore produce some mouthwatering loaves of bread. Now you know the background behind the bake, watch on below and get a little inspired to go create a batch of your own.