Beyond the Gardens Series by Lonelyleap

I’ve just realised that I’ve not found or wrote about any good films lately, which is shame because we’ve showcased so many terrific independent filmmakers over the years. To break my streak I’m bringing forward this video series that I came across yesterday which I thought was something quite special and seemed to strike a chord with me personally. At the moment I get inspired by greenery and all things zen, I especially like the idea of the incorporation of natural elements into a building, whether it be the link between wood or how plants break up the space. One home I thought was really interesting in this way was Maurizio Zucchi’s house that I presented to you all here mid last year on the blog. It’s a large showroom type space but has been broken up expertly by all these wonderful cacti and plants, the mixture of furniture is also superb.

Obviously there’s a lot theory in terms of them being living and breathing organisms, also it’s interesting to think of our relationship with plants and how they enhance our life. The Lonelyleap team in conjunction with Kew Gardens have produced the first and second film in a series which explores beyond the gardens and looks to educate us on the different species of plants and the fascinating ways in which they work.

The first film in the series is about the importance of fungi to all plants and ultimately all life on Earth through the Mycology Department, committed to the conservation and exploration of fungi. The second looks at the work of the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership in Surrey and how the Seed Conservation Department is helping to save wild plants and habitats for our future.

I was truly enthralled by the conversations that were thrown back and forth, the filming also helps each piece thanks to Lonelyleap and their very talented crew. The lighting is very beautiful. You can find both videos placed below, you’re bound to learn lots of new things which is always a good way to start the day.