Botanical Animation – Story of Flowers 2 by Artist Makoto Azuma

I remember back in 2012 purchasing the first book by Makoto Azuma titled ‘Encylopedia of Flowers’. Drawn in by the book design by Kenya Hara, a designer who helps MUJI with their own branding and image, I then became fascinated by artist Makoto Azuma’s work itself and his stunning botanic installations. Azuma has since expanded this book series up to part 4, all are worth collecting as they showcase this interesting relationship between human and nature.

Scanning through Azuma’s portfolio this week I was pleased to see that he has completed his second animation titled ‘Story of Flowers 2’. The first ‘Story of Flowers’ was a big hit in 2017 and this new short film is sure to gain popularity in no time. The first video of the series depicted the cycle of nature, from life to death and back around again. This time Makoto Azuma highlights the human relationship with flowers and the power and symbolism they have in our lives.

I want to tip my hat to London-based illustrator Katie Scott and animator James Paulley for their brilliant work. Teamed with the visual prowess of photographer Shiinoki Shunsuke they have crafted a piece covering the full range of human emotion. After watching I certainly realised the power of nature and the power they have to evoke something primal inside of us.

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