Bryan John Appleby Edition of Written Here Series

A lot of what we do here on the site looks into the background stories of not just creative projects such as a collection of clothing or a handmade item of furniture, but introducing the individuals that are involved in the creating process too. So when I came across this ultra personal short film from the “Written Here” series that sound on sound have been creating, I was really intrigued by Bryan John Appleby and the underlying influences that work there way into his songwriting.

Bryan is a philosophical fellow to say the least, and I’m sure many will see his layered imagination as rather wacky, however personally I found him to be quite an inspiring individual. The most original creatives are the ones that strive to develop their concepts into something that hasn’t been created before, I love the fact that Bryan’s individual and holds confidence in expressing this through his music.

As Bryan talks us through what drives his creations to completion it’s great to hear the passion follow and his imagination run. Listening to him play you can’t deny the talent the chap has on an acoustic guitar, especially when found in the relaxing scenario of his front room. I’ve not come across this series before but if this edition is anything to go by it’s worth watching and waiting for future releases.