Chicago By Boat with Philip Bloom

English filmmaker/director Philip Bloom brings us quite an inventive way of taking the sights and sounds of Chicago in with this short film he has created aboard a boat. In another one of his eye pleasing time-lapses Philip presents a playful and lighthearted mood as we race through what was originally a three and a half hour trip through lake Michigan and into the canals of the “windy city”.

Regular readers will know that Mr Bloom is an old favorite of mine with his work making several appearances in the past, It has been a while since the last time so it’s nice to come back and appreciate the development of his work. Since then he seems to have taken it upon himself to help educate those wanting to improve their filmmaking skills, creating various tutorials and walk through’s which is quite commendable in my eyes.

Philip’s not just content in producing fantastic short projects for his many followers to appreciate, he want’s others to be making the most of their equipment too which is really inspiring to see. I think it can only be a good thing for the industry to help educate others in the field and I’m sure there are many enthusiasts out there wanting to be the next Philip Bloom.