Doll House by Mishenin Anton & Andrey Kalinin

This ones slightly off topic but is still relevant in a lot of ways, a 3D animated rendering by Moscow based creative Mishenin Anton. He teamed up with Andrey Kalinin on this video, who worked on the modelling side of things, but the rest was all by Mishenin himself.

The piece is actually an architecture visualisation, an animated tour of a miniature bedroom that’s located in a doll house (I assume). Using software such as 3ds Max, After Effects, and Fusion, Mishenin has create a stunning final working that is both soothing and therapeutic to watch. That could be down to the classic music and the subtle lighting, but whatever way this man is really talented. The music that can be heard below is by Clint Mansell and is titled The last man from the album The Fountain.

If you’re interested in what the process is of making this piece, the second video that I placed below shows some of the renderings before they were layered over with effects. Enjoy.