Fire, Clay, Flour by Edible Boston

I believe that to fully appreciate craft and design you have to get involved yourself, and create something that wasn’t around before. Although I’d like to I can’t force new individuals to turn their hand to wood, or clay, or any material for that matter, but what I can trust in is short films like the one I’m sharing this morning that highlights the progressive, wholesome experience of creating with your own fair hands. I know many will watch this and succumb to a smile because they are sure this is the way it should be, each item is created with care and attention to detail and seeing this reaffirms what you believe. Our hope is that through sharing inspiring projects like these new individuals will get enticed and inspired by a more creative lifestyle.

One individual who has has completely embraced this concept is Judy Motzkin who Edible Boston highlight in the film below, we join her as she creates one of her traditional bread pots from scratch and follow this all the way to completion. Judith has been creating saggar fired ceramic art and urns since the late eighties, running her own studio from an old stable beside her 150 year old house in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One thing that you don’t always get to see in these types of videos is the final creation being used for its sole purpose, it’s a real enticer when you can see the function as well as the form, you begin to imagine these items being used in your own home. Luckily, as the title here may suggest, we get to see a little baking, with Judy’s no-kneading bread recipe looking absolutely mouthwatering.

If you’ve not come across Edible Boston before they produce a small independent magazine that celebrates “the abundance of local food” in not too dissimilar manner to one of our other favourite foodie magazines, Kinfolk. This is the first time I’ve come across a film they’ve put together so I’m eager to see what else they have planned for the future. I’ll be keeping tabs on these guys here but I’d recommend following their webpage yourself from time to time, they don’t look short of ideas on how to keep busy on the creative front. Below you will find the links for all the relevant parties involved, if you’re keen to bake a little bread afterwards you can find Judy’s recipe on her dedicated site. Enjoy!