Great Wooden Boats By Philip Bloom

I’m not sure if Philip Bloom has developed a fascination for boats or wether he’s always owned one, but he seems to be creating a lot of content that revolves around them. I really don’t mind this though because boats are quite interesting, especially when they are hand built like these are in this short film by Mike Kiefer, a professional carpenter and boat builder.

Like all great craftsmen Mike’s work derived out of a love for creating, as he explains in the film he simply started to build small boats because he couldn’t afford to buy one. After building one by request he decided to advertise locally and the rest is history, Mike had found his calling. He must have taken the right career path because he ended up working with the likes of Disney with his work starring in pirates of the Caribbean two and three.

Back on the topic of Mr Bloom, I think it’s hard to distinguish for me which types of film I prefer, he really has created some mind-blowing time-lapses in the past but in all honesty I think I prefer these documentary type projects a little more. Philip’s a great conveyer of human connections, building quite a personal relationship between his subject and viewer in the techniques he uses, there’s always a feeling of a warming undertone to his work.

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  • Uwe Steinmueller

    >there’s always a feeling of a warming undertone to his work.

    Yes, there is a lot of respect involved and shown.

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