Herriott Grace Documentary Trailer

I always go through a short phase where I can’t seem to find any inspiring films but usually some other type of content will satisfy my needs. Saying that, I came across this today on my hunt around the web and it instantly hit me that we’ve covered this fantastic duo before. Daniel previously wrote about this father daughter partnership, Lance and Nikole Herriott, who live quite a distance apart, with Lance residing in Victoria, British Columbia and Nikole in Toronto, Ontario. As they sent packages back and forth to each other Lance started to include his own hand carved spoons as a small gesture, Nikole had a brainwave and thought other people might appreciate her father’s talent like she did, so they set-up a small shop online to house the handcrafted goods. It turns out it was a great idea and after three years they now sell a wide array of products which are all one-of-a-kind and are made in small runs, basically sharing their world and lifestyle with other people.

I won’t go into the story too much, as it might spoil it for everyone, but I think this documentary created by director John Cullen is going to be a fantastic piece to watch. The full film will be 27 minutes long and will go live on the Herriott Grace website on June 14th, so not long now, but this trailer below should give you enough eye candy to get you inspired for the full movie. I’ll definitely be watching it on the day of the release.

From the trailer what I like about this obviously revolves around the handcrafted element, particularly the carving of the spoons and all the wood turning up close. I’m a bit of a sucker for that at the moment, it’s incredible to see him talk about the wooden spoon at the 40 second mark and how he creates the shape and when he knows how to finish the handle. It’s quite fitting that Lance lives around a wonderful landscape and is really in tune with nature and the natural element of making, perfect. Obviously watch on below and have a gander at the Herriot Grace website if you’re hanging around for a bit, you’re sure to find some lovely products.



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