Iconic Images Explores Namibia

Admittedly this is somewhat of a curve ball, but I like to think we pride ourselves on keeping a diverse mix of content to keep you all inspired. So with this in mind we’re leaning quite a lot towards photography with this film following the company of Denis Glennon, who runs a series of safari tours for passionate wildlife photographers, deemed by many as one of the best trips in the world. This film highlights what you can expect from his popular Namibia trip and doubles as a breathtaking opportunity to see an abundance of wildlife native to the country.

I’ve always felt somewhat uncomfortable with the concept of zoos which is basically using animals as a means of entertainment, so this project was a refreshing alternative to come across. Although the photographers are striving to capture the animals on camera they do so in a way that doesn’t encroach or stress out each species, it feels a lot more natural and how we should approach admiring wildlife. It’s sad but I think in the West we are often very blind to the beauty of the natural world, and often see empty space as a ground we must conquer and build upon.

In some respects it’s quite saddening to think that seeing open land like we do here is quite a rare thing, surely we should be living inherently with the wildlife and our natural surroundings as one. This is why I’m often drawn to architecture and everyday objects that embrace a more organic origin and make the most of their materials original shape and texture. Yesterday’s post on Russell Wrights home is a prime example of this, and hopefully in the near future we will be able to present more examples in the form of our interviews which we have been working on behind the scenes.

In the meantime I hope you all enjoy this film and take the opportunity to embrace some culture aside from your own. I love seeing how others live and pondering which elements I will incorporate into my own life. This safari looks like the perfect opportunity to experience Africa first hand and I’m sure it’s life changing in terms of personal perspective. Press play below and see what you think.


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