Introducing Kid Icarus with Stillmotion

The Stillmotion collective is made up of creative minds who look through their respective mediums of film and photography to promote other creative fields. In the latest installment of their work they produced this short film which introduces the online community to Bianca and Michael of Kid Icarus, owners of a traditional print shop in Toronto.

It was nice to hear that when crafting this piece those involved were conscious of the differences between the colours that can be printed traditionally and the colours that can be captured digitally on a camera. Through attempting to replicate the best possible match the team show they hold a good level of knowledge of what they are shooting, and obviously have passion in abundance for the content they capture.

It may sound a little obvious bringing this point up but so often online you can stumble across projects that lack equal levels of passion between the filmmaker and the subject. It’s inspiring to see the individual depicting the pair being as creative with his shot as the duo are in their day to day workings. As we have some experience in printing this project seemed to resonate with me somewhat, I hope you all enjoy.

For more information from both Kid Icarus & Stillmotion follow the links found just below.


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