Josh Vogel Short Film by The Scout Magazine

You know it’s your day when The Scout Magazine produce a short film, they’ve only produced three in the past but each and every one has been a remarkable introduction into the lives of some really inspiring creatives. Previously they’ve spoken to chocolatiers the Mast brothers, architects Roman and Williams, menswear designers Billy Kirk, and today they offer an elegant conversation with Josh Vogel a wood sculptor.

Josh is the founder of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co in Kingston, New York. Through Blackcreek he strives to create large-scale sculptural wood turnings from Walnut, Catalpa, Maple, and other hardwoods. I found it really captivating to hear Josh talk about the idea of turning wood being a reductive process. He explains as he chips back the layers he visits the different time phases of the piece of wood in front of him.

I’d really recommend watching out for future work from The Scout Mag, their editors much like ourselves really have a great appreciation for the art of craftsmanship. If you haven’t come across any of their previous work I strongly recommend heading on through the link below to view a little more.