La Mer de Pianos by Tom Wrigglesworth and Mathieu Cuvelier

It’s not often that both me and Daniel get to sit down and watch a creative video together in the office, usually we’re sitting on separate desks and are focused on our own work but since we’ve been on a late night slog working towards the opening of the shop tonight we were lucky to see a film that caught both of our attentions immediately. We even said it was the best video that we’ve watched on Vimeo for quite a while, definitely inspiring and quite quirky. As you know from our usual content we’re into an interesting concoction of subjects.

This short film focuses on a man named Marc Manceaux, the owner of the oldest piano shop in Paris. Directed, shot and edited by Tom Wrigglesworth and Mathieu Cuvelier they’ve done a fantastic job at getting some close-up shots of the pianos and the different pieces of wood, I think the colours and grading are also superb which gives off quite a vintage aesthetic. It must of been extremely hard to work the camera in this tight space since there’s so much stuff and it’s quite cramped, but that’s what makes this so great!

Marc is quite a character and has an array of different pianos, some broken up into individual parts and some old but still complete, his job is to fix and supply parts to piano owners. Although he’s quite frantic in his approach to business you can tell he has deep love and passion for music in particular, this shines through all the way to the end of the film. This is perfect way to finish off the night, I hope you enjoy it below.

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  • dano

    Wow, what character in such a short piece. Very nice : ) dano

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