Machine by Matthew Harrington

We see a collaboration of Matthew’s in this short film as director Matt Harrington linked up with craftsman Matt Machine to showcase one beautiful custom motorcycle, put together by hand. I’m definitely not a biker but I really enjoyed the craft elements in this short film. I think there’s a real art to building anything by hand and we can view some great snapshots of the bike being put together in the film below.

For the most part we get to see the bike that Matt has built in action, flying through the open road set to some remarkable scenic views. It’s quite the juxtaposition seeing the subtleties of the natural surroundings, combined with the fierce voice of the bike Matt has created, it’s really grips you’re attention.

It’s short films like these that give birth to new bikers, I’m sure I’d love the adrenaline fueled frenzy of tearing down the road but for the time being I’ll be sticking to a bike with thiner tyres on it. If you enjoy this piece and want to become a little more emerged in the biker mentality, I can recommend heading over to Matt Machine’s blog – I’ll post the link just below.


  • Karls

    What a wonderful film! Mathew Harrington is a name to keep an eye on for future… He’s a one T Mat and we love his work!

  • Alex

    Onya! Harry, posted it up to find someone already had. The quality speaks for its self, film and the bikes.

  • Dighty

    Great work MP Harry
    Keep up the goodwork mate

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