Made Here, Upstate by Jay Carroll

Previously we showcased a film from a series titled Made Here, filmed by Jay Carroll for Levi’s. Last time it was on Tim Whitten of Marlinespike Chandlery, a self taught master of traditional ropework. The film that can be seen below today is from the same series but on two young ladies, Kalen Kaminski and Astrid Chastka, who own a hand dyed textiles company called upstate.

Based in Brookyln, New York Kalen and Astrid make sarongs, scarves and wraps with their unique take on Shibori and dip dyeing. An ancient Japanese technique of dyeing cloth, Shibori uses different methods of binding, folding and compressing the fabric. Small changes in the combinations of binding and dyeing make for an endless array of patterns and textures, allowing each hand dyed garment to be one of a kind.

I think the backing track to this is terrific and really suits the two girls as they go to work in their flat, making these really creative art pieces.