Maio Motoko: Moment by Moment Heartbeat by Heartbeat


Wow, some films really do just take your breathe away. Although I wouldn’t necessarily class myself as an artist, I do find that I’m attached to certain ideas and concepts that artists revolve around. Especially when they use a mixture of materials and the finished piece becomes a crafted layer of work. When various handmade skill like this combine often something spectacular arises, hence this video on the work of Japanese contemporary screen artist Maio Motoko, she’s a superb talent.

Maio Motoko has taken the traditional form of the Japanese folding screen and given it new life in a contemporary context. In this video made by Lesley Kehoe Galleries we get a glimpse of her efforts, showcasing one of the artists most significant body of works titled ‘Moment By Moment Heartbeat by Heartbeat’. This is a ten screen master work which is so varied and full of contrast that it must of took an astonishing amount of time to complete, I’m very much in awe. I guess one thing I was drawn to was her use of colour, which is created using a variety of materials, some of which you’d never expect. These materials can range from aluminium foil, crushed stone, sand, dirt, iron rust, and many more to create a textural palette never seen in such a traditional craft.

Maio Motoko trained as a mounter of traditional scrolls and then moved on to the mastery of Japanese screen making, making the entire framework of the screens herself. She has remained true to the traditional function of the folding screen in its ability to manipulate physical space, but has moved beyond this in her attempt to relate the traditional form to modern times and interiors. I actually had my first tea ceremony experience this weekend and the room itself really is something to behold. It’s made me want to delve deeper and explore the ceremony in greater detail, also discover the significance of each element in the room. I hope you enjoy this piece and will check out more of Maio Motoko’s work through the links below.