Milieu By Ivan Villafuerte

Ivan Villafuerte comes through with the goods today offering his latest short film a little over a month after he originally brought us his impressive project titled “Pedway”. In all honestly I was a little relieved to stumble across Ivan’s latest piece when I did, the creative sites seem a little bit stale today which is a tad depressing. Never the less Mileu provided the perfect tonic to rise above this problem with Ivan’s latest stylized project typically based around the concept of isolated urban environments.

I was quite amused to read that Ivan often gets some rather odd looks as he captures these great short projects, as you can imagine the idea of somebody out filming in the small hours of the night would be bemusing to the majority of passers by. I’m sure these responses are a rather insignificant by product of his creations, as the end product more than justifies what must be quite a lengthly process.

It’s pretty easy for me to promote Ivan’s work as I always tend to find his work a refreshing change from what else is out there. After all his style is pretty original, I think this observational approach really works for him, in fact I’d love to see if he could develop this into something more voyeuristic – perhaps introducing some night dwelling characters into his scenes.