On Assignment by Renan Ozturk

I wanted to divert everyones attention to another in a long line of inspiring short films from filmmaker, climber, and artist Renan Osturk. In this project Renan follows fellow climber and creative Jimmy Chin as he braves the face of the mountains in aid of capturing the skill of his peers as they tackle the tough terrain found in Yosemite National Park.

I stumbled across Renan’s work a couple of weeks back and ever since I’ve been captivated by his array of inspirational short films, many of which have been celebrated and awarded at various prestigious film festivals around the globe. I’m pretty sure you’ll realize why after viewing this particular piece as Renan brings us a view of a world we just wouldn’t have access to without being there ourselves.

I really love the idea of living so close to nature and in many respects testing yourself against the elements, it’s nice to get an insight into the climbing community from an outsiders perspective too. If you’ve got a spare minute I do suggest heading across to read a little more about Renan and his lifestyle, his path in life is one that you won’t come across too often.


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