Pedway By Ivan Villafuerte

We continue today’s content now with this compelling short experimental film from Chicago based creative Ivan Villafuerte. This is his second time appearing in our format and it has to be said that his stark view of his surroundings often lead for a captivating and surreal watch.

I think when Ivan’s name is mentioned I’m instantly expecting something atmospheric and a little darker than your average short, he seems to get inspired by vast deserted urban areas and we see evidence of this in what we have below. It’s nice to see Ivan producing longer content, and in my opinion the standard has jumped up a fair amount since he last featured on the site too.

His choice of backing track meant he could sync the visuals up with a great deal of attention to detail in the edit, providing a crafted finished to the overall aesthetic of the film. I hope everyone joins us in supporting Ivan, I’m sure he would love any feedback on his work.