Ray: A Life Underwater From Danny Cooke

With the help of filmmaker Danny Cooke and this wonderful moving image I’d like to introduce you all to an absolute gentleman and inspiring individual named Ray Ives. At 75 years young Ray agreed to spend some time with Danny to reflect on his lifestyle, as a immensely passionate diver and explorer of the English seas in the creation of this charming little documentary titled “A Life Underwater”.

With an eye for salvage, Ray boasts quite an impressive collection of marine artefacts that he’s acquired on dives over the years, which I’m sure you’ll all agree are rather remarkable at the very least. Ray has spent over fifty years bringing anything and everything that glistens under the surface to the shore, even producing the odd item of gold when he’s lucky.

Much like the items Ray retrieves from under the sea this short was a real one of a kind find, I was surprised how low the views on this were I guess it was just my lucky day. It was really inspiring to hear about Ray and his story I think the highlight has to be his 1900’s diving suit. I hope to have half the wit and charm of Ray when I’m his age, he’s quite a character and I’m sure a great storyteller.