Revisiting Ryan Takaba with Mark & Angela Walley

If you’ve been on the site before you may not only remember previous work by filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley but also the craft of Ryan Takaba, an individual that we are revisiting in this short film presented below. The dynamic duo met up with Ryan again to probe a little further into the profile of the creative ceramicist and to see a little more of the creation process that goes into the previously featured “mum’s and water” project.

Having been guests on the site three times previously Mark and Angela’s style of filmmaking combined with their desire to find individuals who strive to follow a unique career path really sits well with us. I felt the concept of Ryan’s previous project was a strong one just reading about it, so it’s nice to be able to hear the passion in his voice and to understand a what makes him tick.

My favorite section of the film has to be a quarter of the way through the piece when we get to see Ryan creating the ceramics, casting them into their molds. There seems to be something quite therapeutic about this process for Ryan as he talks about members of his family being linked to the final piece.

Another really inspiring piece from Mark & Angela, as always I look forward to what their next project will unearth, if you’d like to read a little more on the couple or Ryan Takaba you can do so through the link’s placed below.