Short Film by Mia Shimabuku

We return to a short film that investigates a little craftsmanship, or perhaps craftswomanship if there’s such a thing, as young filmmaker Mia Shimabuki takes a closer look at the work of glass blower Suzi Perret. American creative Suzi works alongside fellow glass fanatic John Gerletti as they craft beautiful one of a kind bowls, fans, cylinders and pots, which is always a process fascinating to see unfold.

Aside from this, the film actually throws up some interesting conversation points like the fact that there aren’t too many female glass blowers around which is a real shame. You would think that with creating something so delicate and subtle as these glass pieces a womans touch would be exactly what was needed, so hopefully there are some more ladies out there that are willing to give this a try.

We’ve featured quite a few glass blowers on the site previously, however I’ve yet to see this technique that John and Suzi use in adding foreign objects into the glass to create almost mosaic patterns in the final creation. It’s great to hear Suzi’s passion for the art also as she’s rather enthusiastic about the process as a whole, you can really tell she lives and breathes glassblowing. I don’t think you can ever be too enthusiastic about something though, so it’s really refreshing to see and hopefully this inspires some of you to go out there an give this a go for yourself.

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