Short Film from Just So

In terms of commercial reach Adidas are of course one of the largest in the world, so it’s natural for us as independents to stray away from the work that they do. That’s not being critical, just being honest. Today however at risk of sounding like a hypocrite I wanted to support a project they’re undertaking through London based agency Just So as they go on a quest to uncover raw creative talent.

This perhaps sounds a little tacky on the surface but the Just So team have put together an incredibly genuine story about a young photographer named Jamie who aspires to make a living out of his passion. After Jamie explains a little about how he got involved in the art of photography he then meets up with London based photographer Hainsley Brown who is offered up as a mentor type figure to guide Jamie into refining his craft within the streets of Hackney. his home borough.

I really hope this young man uses this opportunity as a springboard to push forward with his dream and achieve what he so desires. He’s obviously got a lot to learn but watching this over I’m sure that he’ll be able to use this experience to confidently push onwards and upwards with his own projects. It’s a reminder to us all that each day we have an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and learn new skills we didn’t have at the beginning of the day.

It’s quite a light hearted project but it’s one that put a smile on my face, so hopefully it will inspire a few of you to pick up your own cameras and get creative. I must admit I’ve not taken my camera out for a few weeks now, so this film is the perfect reminder to get myself outside and get lost in the frame once more. Watch below and enjoy!


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