Short Film From Kevin Calero and Yannie Quesnel

Collaborative Film Duo Kevin Calero and Yannie Quesnel bring across this stunning short film they recently created and shared over on the online community that is Vimeo. This is the first time I’ve come across either of their work so for me this piece was somewhat of a buried treasure, and I really love what they have created here.

The whole piece is embodied in an overriding sense of mystery as we see the lone subject within the piece take a suspenseful climb up to greet the unknown. As each step is taken the intensity of the piece is in turn increased through the powerful musical score created by CFCF. It really wasn’t too much of a decision to bring this piece into our archive, it’s evident that these two guys are producing some inspirational works.

The duo have obviously gone to great length and expense to create this project which is nice to see, I’ve not seen too many other pieces shot in Montreal’s Olympic stadium, I’m sure you will all agree that this is a fantastic setting to have access too. Enjoy what we have below and for those inspired by the medium of film, I’d recommend using the link below where you will find a little more of the same from Kevin Calero.