Short Film of Clara Romaní’s Ceramics

Barcelona based creative Arnau Tasies got together with close friend and ceramist Clara Romaní to record a short film which would document her work in both an unimposing and revealing way. Clara opts for a completely traditional approach to creating using only water, wind and fire to aid her in each creation.

Mastering techniques that have been passed through the ages ensures Clara remains in touch with traditional techniques that have been used for countless generations, creating her works the authentic way, not the fastest. I’ve always been fascinated with pottery since an early age and it’s something both of us are looking to take up again in the near future. I don’t think there’s anything more creative than crafting something with you’re bare hands, it’s such a personal process.

So with this in mind it’s inspiring to see the process start to finish, hopefully Clara can bring some more footage to the fold in the near future as I really enjoyed this piece. Many of you may recognise the score that the film has been set to, which I’m sure you’ll agree is quite a nice touch. Watch this piece below.

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