Short Film on Harpsichord Maker

I thought we’d turn our attention to some new creatives today as we’re introduced to the work of filmmaker Morgan Inglis and Craig Tomlinson who look to showcase a Harpsichord Maker from West Vancouver in this short film found below. I’m always fascinated by the art of putting together an instrument by hand as it’s a medium that requires great knowledge of a vast number of topics.

The carving and creating of each element alone takes years to perfect as Craig will soon explain, but when you consider the tuning and refining of the completed instrument aswell you can’t help but appreciate what a marvellous craft this is. One of the things I enjoyed most about this particular film was the section where Craig spoke about what got him initially interested in the art of instrument making, it’s quite intriguing that his brother ended up as an instrument maker also.

As the film progresses the maker goes on to mention that he can create up to two thousand of the same element from time to time, something which must become almost like a meditative process. Efficiency of movement is the term Craig uses to describe this but I think it’s like anything, in that if you keep persevering with it eventually you are going to reach new levels that you never thought were possible.

As a final note before you watch below I’d just like to mention how great it is to see new individuals picking up their cameras and creating fresh projects like this one. Morgan is juggling a day job and has put this film together in the spare time he has, hopefully we’ll see a little more from him in the future. He’s taken the time to put together his own webpage so I’d recommend following him through there if you enjoy what we have here.

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