Short Film on Heath Ceramics

We love supporting companies with integrity and substance at the core of their existence and Heath Ceramics in California fits right into this very mould. They’ve modernised the project started by Edith Heath back in 1948 to remain ahead of the current market without compromising the legacy Edith left upon passing in 2005. Today whilst browsing around their webpage I came across this short film on the company which goes a long way in summarising the work they do and the people behind the factory today.

Since we’ve shared a collection of photographs behind the walls of their studio previously I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to provide further context to a brand that I’ve developed a huge admiration for in recent times. In the film below Catherine Bailey the current creative director and joint owner with Robin Petravic explains how the pair came to find themselves in the Sausalito building which Heath Ceramics has made its own.

Once inside we get a real treat of a tour as we catch a glimpse of so many different products being put together in moulds, on wheels and being prepped before firing in the kiln. This project actually makes you want to get involved, or at least it did with me, I think it would be amazing to spend the day touring the factory and seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

My favourite section however has to be towards the end of the film when Robin explains that he could sell the company quite lucratively but he would sacrifice a work environment that he loves to be a part of, which I felt was really refreshing to hear. It’s great to know there are individuals out there in charge of large operations that aren’t souly driven by currency. I’d recommend heading across to their website if you enjoy this piece as they’re forever updating their page with fresh and inspiring elements, you can see all this via the link below.