Short Film on Potblack Ceramics

We rejoin the craft theme running through this week as we visit the creations of Ceramicist Travis Jeffery’s and his Melbourne based studio through the medium of film. Providing a handcrafted element to the top restaurants in the city, Travis is known for his sleek minimal designs and eye for detailing in each of his creations. This project is a little more about the thoughts and feelings of the man himself rather than his creation process, something which I think is always an important aspect to keep in mind as I found it really interesting hearing what makes Travis tick.

One point Travis does make during this piece which resonates with my own thoughts was the fact that the advances in our culture technologically have meant less and less things are physically put in front of us. He goes on to say that therefore the want for something handmade has become a lot stronger in recent times, an argument I can’t really disagree with since we have been working with the blog, as time has progressed more and more projects like this one have been creeping into our daily lineup.

The virtual world is a very powerful tool but I think my generation and those after are in danger of losing hands on skills like this, hopefully films like these can inspire a few more individuals into making instead of taking as Travis puts it in the film. This video has been put together by the Melbourne based magazine “Milk Bar” which aside from their quirky name look like they have some great projects on the cards looking over the previews they’ve created, I’d give them a follow if you enjoy the piece below on Travis.