Solace From James Zanoni

There’s something about bees that always fascinates me but I can never quite put my finger on why, they really are remarkable creatures. We get a closer look at the sky dwellers in this short film by New York based creative James Zanoni who has captured this piece that contains some remarkable macro shots. I like the play on words that James has opted for in the title “Solace” with the bees as a species currently going through something of an epidemic and could do with a helping hand right now.

Considering they pollinate the majority of the fruit and vegetable we consume I think it’s about time we as humans step in and do all we can. Keeping bees, if you have the space, is a wonderfully rewarding past time to be involved in and they really don’t require much maintenance once the hive is setup. I think it’s quite commendable that James has taken it upon himself to promote the plight of the species, hopefully through projects like his we can get the message across and do something about it.


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