Stop Motion By Florent Déchard

Florent Déchard is a French creative planning to embark on a trek across the world starting at the depths of Karmandou and concluding at the summit of the Himalayas. He has created this short stop motion piece to promote his trip, and hopes to gain a small amount of funding so that he is able to capture a short documentary on his travels.

The young student is passionate about image and film and so far has been relatively successful in all the projects he has undertaken. Working as a concert photographer for Dalle Agency along with experience with the French blog Le-Hiboo, Florent has developed a taste for creativity and visual expression.

His concept videos in outlandish settings have been well received and I have to say I was quite impressed with this short animated piece below that Florent has created. It’s full of wit, character and certainly caught my attention on my travels through Vimeo. For more information on Florent Déchard and how you can get involved in his latest project be sure to follow the link just bellow.