Syndromes from Kristoffer Borgli & The Golden Filter

I think when you’re writing online everyday it becomes inevitable your going to develop your own group of creatives that you always look towards for inspiration. For me Scandinavian filmmaker Kistoffer Borgli is one of those people, so when he releases films I always expect something original and endearing of which he rarely disappoints.

This latest work by Kristoffer titled Syndrome was found when I stumbled across a short teaser that he released a little while back and I knew it would be quite a haunting yet personal piece. Watching this I couldn’t help but admire how this short was quite open ended and by this I mean it’s quite a personal piece with Syndromes provoking quite a mixture of thoughts from person to person.

I love the fact that this is mysterious and in many ways quite the visual puzzle, Kristoffer leaves it to the viewer to piece together the jigsaw and make what of it they will individually. A fantastically compelling and erie experience, Mr Borgli in my humble opinion very rarely appears to bring anything but beautiful, captivating and inspiring short films to his audience.