Teprf Project Teaser by Deplase Collective

This project is a little different to the majority we post, however inevitably we are pushing the concept of creativity and this short project from Slovakian collective Deplase certainly is creative, eye pleasing, and inspiring. Based in the beautiful mountain city of Liptovsky Mikulas Deplase was born one of five young creatives who wanted to combine their passions to present a new experience to their audience.

Blending aspects of dance, video projection and music the group express themselves as one in this short teaser for an ongoing project they are soon to release titled the Teprf Project. This film is packed full of creative shots, sounds, and movements presented as a really refreshing change through the combinations the collective bring together.

I’l be sure to keep an eye out for the release of this project and see how the collective develops in the near future. I think with the beautiful surroundings Deplase have at their disposal it will be interesting to see how they can harness it.