The Making of a Brand by Jim Bachalo

Filmmaker Jim Bachalo brings us this charming little story about a local bike store which has been run by the same family since 1914. In a short interview type documentary the current owner, Gary Duke, explains to us all the development Dukes has undertaken in this marathon of an existence while emphasising the importance of the store to the local community.

As you can see from the image above I’m quite fond of the vintage photography from the early days of the store, just looking at older fashions and advertising really interests me. For the store to have stood for 97 years and it’s still trading, Duke’s must have consistently adapted to the need of their customer base.

I love the fact that the shop is so intertwined with the cycling community, through hosting events and running a team they’re able to get amongst their customer and tailor to their requirements more specifically. It’s a shame that more stores like Duke’s can’t boast this impressive heritage, so hopefully Gary can pass the store down again one day, and keep the tradition running for another generation.


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