The Pleat Box by Xavier Manosa & Mashallah

Personally, it’s hard for me to think of anything I enjoy more than watching products being made. I just love to see each intricate process and how this shapes the final products appearance and function. So as we wind down from our busy schedule before the big release of our shop on monday, why not join us in watching a collaborative lamp being made between Xavier Manosa and Mashallah.

First up we get a little translated dialog from Xavier which kind of underpins how the whole project came about and the issues the group had to tackle along the way. The real bread and butter of this piece however is the creation process which consists of the ceramic moulds being filled, set and cast in the kiln before the paint process begins. When watching these types of videos I often find myself getting really into the whole process and then being eventually disappointed by the look of the final product, which thankfully didn’t happen here.

The lamp that the team produce is really clean cut and surprisingly modern looking given it’s traditional creation. This light hearted piece finished my day off nicely, hopefully we can find something equally as interesting tomorrow. So for a good few hours we bid you goodbye, I trust we can entice you to come back in the morning, with thursday bringing some exciting news.