The Wonder Object by Mark & Angela Walley

Good friends of ours here on the site are Mark & Angela Walley, who’s work we are returning to today. The filmmaking duo introduce us to an unorthodox metal worker and designer named Gary Schott, currently the chair of the metals department at the Southwest School of Art. Having trained as a traditional metal worker Gary has all the skills required to construct beautifully engineered kinetic contraptions, which have to be said are incredibly unique and original.

Now I’m not sure I’d be the first in line to purchase one of his contraptions, however it’s quite compelling to hear Gary’s inspiration to run against the grain and create some quite quirky yet captivating pieces of art. This in itself is quite inspiring, especially when his creations hold so much beauty in their form, it’s just the function that is a little too lighthearted for me – perhaps I’m getting old.

I’m a big fan of individualism however so I’m keeping an open mind and I’m going to follow the work of Gary in the future too see what else he creates. I think it would be great to see him craft some large scale pieces, perhaps I’d buy into the humor a bit more on a larger scale. If you’re a fan of seeing things being made and hearing the ideas of creatives like Gary I’d highly recommend following Mark & Angela Walley, they very rarely disappoint.

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